Current Employment

Mid-Level Mechanical Design Engineer

PTI Inspection Systems

I currently work in the R&D department at PTI Inspection Systems to develop new medical device inspection equipment. I work in a cross-functional team to develop electro-mechanical systems that operate at a high level of accuracy and repeatability. Our team works with advanced vision sensors and robotic handling. I work with GMP labs to design unique testing fixtures and test methods for medical products. Using SolidWorks to design new components, I work closely with the machinists to manufacture parts to our tolerances to prevent tolerance stack-up in the final product.

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Consultant

CrosbyNYC Corp.

I work as a consultant for CrosbyNYC Corp. in Brooklyn to design their wearable location tracker for production. I regularly come up with creative solutions to fit complex PCBAs into small housings, all while making sure the product is IP-67 water-resistant. I create engineering drawings and documentation for Crosby’s manufacturer in China. After making SLA 3D prints of my plastic housing designs, I use finishing techniques to smooth and color the plastic, making the cosmetic prototype look like an off the tool part.