Leather Wallet

I made this wallet at TechShop St. Louis.  The pattern was designed in Corel Draw and then laser etched the pattern out of leather.  An industrial walking foot sowing machine was used to put it all together. I had to make sure that the raster setting on the logo was not set too high. Initially the setting was too high causing the leather to burn.  I then paused the print and brought the raster intensity down to 30 percent.  That did the trick and the curling burning stopped.

If I were to do this project again I would laser etch the logo after the wallet was fully made; that way it would be easier to make sure that it was in the perfect place.  I initially took photos of the wallet on a desk with poor lighting, but when I got coffee later that day I found it as the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot.  The wood grain brings out the deep browns of the wallet that would be otherwise lost.